I was 7 years old when I attempted my first apple pie, I grabbed the old red Betty Crocker cookbook from the cabinet and began my mission. Back then I wasn't exactly a culinary superstar as I mistakenly miss read the recipe and added the wrong amount of salt while looking at the sugar quantity! I was so excited as I pulled out my salty pie it looked delicious. My Mom was asleep and I remember going upstairs with my proud pie in hand. I knocked on her door and said "Mom Mom look what I made" I opened her door and showed her the pie, she wasn't really awake and I can't remember exactly what she said. I came back down to the kitchen and cut a man sized piece of my culinary creation. I grabbed a fork and took a generous bite- Within a second I spit it out and realized where I went terribly wrong- Salt and Sugar though both are hygroscopic they definitely aren't the same!      

     From that day forward I realized how important details are.  There aren't any shortcuts to good food. It's got to be done right to be right. I opened Feed the Need with that thought in mind and for over 20 years I've been serving up delicious meals of every variety. I graduated from Sullivan University National Center for Hospitality Studies way back when I had a full head of hair and lots of strength in my legs- I've entertained some famous folks in the fine dining arena, but when all is said and done my passion is for the people I meet and interact with on regular basis. My goal is to never disappoint but to always provide a great memory until we see each other again.

Chef Adam



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